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*not available for purchase online, complimentary consultation required first*

Contact to chat more and set up a consult!

about jessica

Welcome to the Studio! I am a personal trainer with over ten years experience, having started my career at Equinox in NYC. In 2014 I moved to the Catskills to work at the Catskill Recreation Center, where you may remember me from! While working there for six great years it was the ultimate pleasure to manage the gym and build a warm and welcoming place for members of our community top find their fit. I've long had a vision of opening a beautiful, boutique fitness space for our great upstate community to encourage both beginner and advanced athletes to learn, move, have fun and achieve your goals no matter how simple or complex! You'll never find me barking orders and yelling at clients - my approach is based in gentle and super encouraging teaching and progress, tailoring every workout to your body and needs. I find that slow and steady progress is the way to success, and finding movement that you enjoy is key. 

Shoot me a message to learn more about personal training or if you have any questions! 

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