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The upstate gym and fitness space you've been waiting for.



You belong here.

Whether you've never worked out a day in your life, or are an experienced lifter, there is space for you at the Studio. With a warm, welcoming, energetic, supportive and upbeat space, the Studio is meant to be more than a gym. It's a community of new, supportive friends, where learning is a constant and your goals are meant to be crushed. Consider it a "learning gym", where discovering something new is always just around the corner. 


The Space.

With beautiful equipment from Rogue, Peloton, and more, you know you're getting a world class workout with equipment used by world class professional athletes. Grab a locker in the backroom to store your stuff, and fill up at the complimentary water cooler. With a HEPA filter, plant based cleaning solutions, and a space filled with plants, we know you'll feel good here. 



Vibes always on.

The music's always on at the Studio, because that's the way a gym should be. Get comfy in the Squat Lounge and charge up your phone, flip through a vintage Fonda workout book, or h0p on a quick meeting. Belly up to the front desk "bar" and chat about your goals, the newest hotspot in the Catskills, or just hang out and recover after a great workout. Always clean, always bright, always fun. 


Lifting focused.

We're not your traditional big box gym filled with seated machines and tons of cardio equipment. Think it's not for you? Think again! Lifting is for everyone, whether you're starting with a one pound weight, or racking up 350 on the bench, lifting is crucial to any workout plan, and basically ANY goal you have. Whether it's to have better balance (need stronger muscles!), squat down to pick up your grandkids, (need stronger muscles!!), run your first 5k (yup, there's a lifting program for runners too!), or compete in your first powerlifting competition, lifting is key. Back to that whole "learning gym" thing. It's all here. 


Feeling intimidated by the big weights and equipment? Join us for complimentary beginners open houses, women's specific clubs, or  drop us a private message and we'll set up a private intro.

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