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Fit and fun? Groundbreaking. 
Not your Mom's work out classes. Well, like except for the Retro ones

Ladies Lift & Leisure Club Second Edition starts 2/19! 
2/19, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25

Attention ladies!! The second round of Ladies Lift & Leisure Club is here- your new favorite Monday activity. 

For five Mondays, come learn how fun and important working out and learning to lift, especially for women, can be! We're not here to pump up like Arnold and go after Miss Olympia, we're going to learn basics (which can be tailored to all levels if you're already experienced!) like body weight movements, how to use free weights and the bench, squat rack, treadmill and more!

This is the perfect Club to join if you want to gain confidence in the weight room in a completely nonjudgmental, progressive learning environment, with like minded women and a nurturing and FUN teacher. All ages and levels welcome!  

Yea yea, but where's the Leisure in all this, you ask? After each class, we'll rotate bringing a post-class snack to share our fave fit and fabulous recipes while we hang at the Studio and probably watch vintage workout videos on the big screen (And yes, upon completion of week five we may find ourselves having a small boozy toast with our snack to celebrate your accomplishments!) Because moderation amirite??  

So, what are you waiting for! Follow link above to register, only 8 spots available and includes:

  • 5 Monday classes starting 2/19-3/18, 5-630pmISH (paid all at once, this isn't a drop in class, but a progressive learning experience where we build upon what we learn every week, and look forward to meeting up, working hard and snacking hard)

  • Official Ladies Lift & Leisure swag

  • old & new friends and something to do Monday nights

  • week 5 toast!

  • guaranteed to feel stronger and more confident!

Who will the lucky 8 be?!!

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